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“Examen” The 15th Century Daily Prayer That Will Refine Your Life

A gambling, duelling and womanising guy, becoming a saint and discovered a unique prayer technique

The examen is a tool developed by St. Ignatius of Loyola. Before he became a saint, Ignatius was a somewhat typical fifteenth-century guy, in that he was into gambling, duelling and womanizing. But after he was nearly killed in a military battle, he had a vision involving the Virgin Mary and was forever changed.

The examen was developed as a powerful tool to sustain one’s dedication to theology in later years. Comprising of five essential elements, this daily prayer can be a game-changer for anyone seeking to build momentum and boost confidence in life, irrespective of their spiritual inclinations.

Prayer Part 1


Reflecting on your day and acknowledging the good parts.

Thank the love and support you have received and be grateful towards everything.

Prayer Part 2


Go a bit deeper into your reflection and think about the times when you might have felt good about, and when you might have turned away from that presence.

Where have I felt true joy today?
What has troubled me today?
What has challenged me today?
Where and when did I pause today?

Prayer Part 3


Acknowledge the actions of the day for which you are sorry. Accepting mistakes will refine us.

Prayer Part 4


Ask for forgiveness and make plans to reconcile with those you may have hurt or those who have hurt you. This is how you can progress in life.

Prayer Part 5

Look Ahead

Look ahead to tomorrow and think of how you might collaborate more effectively today. Be specific, and conclude with it.

Hopefully, these daily prayer tools can help you to identify your own vision of a good life and provide you with the motivation actually to live that life to its fullest.


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